The universe

We don’t understand the creative forces behind the universe.

One of the hypotheses is that more or less 13,85 billion years ago, the universe didn’t exist.

For an unknown reason, very small constructions, quarks, were created. These quarks build up negative constructions, we call electrons, positive constructions, we call protons and neutral constructions, we call neutrons. When a proton and a electron form a common construction we become hydrogen, a proton, a neutron and an elektron form the Deuterium isotope. A proton, 2 neutrons and an electron form the Tritium isotope. Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium react, under certain conditions, very explosive together.

One of the hypotheses is that, once there was a huge amount of Hydrogen, Deuterium and Tritium in space, an enormous explosion took place. We call it the Big Bang. This Big Bang formed a lot of gaseous balls, we call stars and planets.

An other hypothesis is that contineous new protons, neutrons and electrons are formed. That means that contineous new gaseous balls are created and new stars and planets are created.

Once the gaseous planets are formed we can, more or less, explain what happens in the universe.

In the planets, nuclear fusion occurs and new constructions of electrons, protons and neutrons are formed. This are the different elements like Helium, Iron, Cupper aso.

After a long time, planets are cooling down. Once the surface of a planet is under 50┬░ C, formation of organic constructions are possible.

On earth, organic constructions are formed with the minerals of the earth, water, air and warmth of the sun. The process of the formation of organic constructions, called cells, is not explained at this moment. These cells are so complex that they are still a mystery for scientists.

Once elementary organic cells are formed, they can evoluate, after many generations, into very complex constructions like fungi, plants and animals. This evolution occurs when more parts of the DNA, wich belong to every organic cell, become active.

A lot of laws and forces are involved in every proces in the universe and in the mystery of living beings. A lot of these laws we don’t know nor understand. Science needs to do a lot of work to solves this mysteries.

As long as human race exist, men beleive in immaterial transcendent beings which were the source or creators of the universe. Every culture has his own vision and created its own mythology, but nobody knows the truth.