The Universe

A certain moment, 13,85 billion years ago, for an unknown reason, energy-waves arise in the empty space. Something doesn’t come out of nothing, but we don’t know the source of these waves. From the waves basic mass-particles are formed. Einstein explained the mathematic relation between energy and mass, but the physical relation, we don’t know yet. Out of basic mass-elements and energy, sub-atomair mass-constructions are created: negative constructions, called electrons, positive constructions, called protons and neutral constructions, called neutrons.
A proton and an electron form hydrogen. This is the simplest anorganic mass-construction. There are variations on this pattern and a proton, a neutron and an elektron form the Deuterium isotope. A proton, 2 neutrons and an electron form the Tritium isotope.

In the center of the univers new waves arise and consequently new protons, neutrons and electrons are formed. That means that new gaseous hydrogen-fogs are created and, out of these fogs, new gaseous suns with planets are created by adhesy-forces of the hydrogen- atoms. Because of the huge number of hydrogen-atoms together in these gaseous suns and planets, the week adhesy-forces become strong gravity-forces in the center of the suns and planets and thereby the temperature rises and nuclear fusion occurs and new, heavier constructions of electrons, protons and neutrons are formed, called elements. This elements are helium, iron, cupper, silicium a.s.o. The gravity-forces are tempered by the centrifugal forces (suns and planets turn around).
With this basic elements, chemicals reactions occur and bigger constructions, called molecules,  are created f.i. silicium and oxigen form siliciumoxide = sand. Some chemical reactions are heavy, like f.i. hydrogen and oxigen. Others are slowly like rust on iron with oxigen and water.

After a long time, planets are cooling down in the cold, surrounding space. Once the surface of a planet is cooled down, under 50° C, formation of organic constructions (basic plants and animals) is possible if the basic elements and circonstances are present. This happened on earth +/- 4 billion years ago.

Organic life is formed with carbon, phosfor, water (H and O) and air (O and N) and the influence of sunlight. Sunlight reaches the earth at a speed of 1 billion km per hour.

We see that plants grow under influence of sunlicht. That means that plants are growing by a complex process from the carbon and water  in the ground, oxigen in the air and the enery of sunlight. On the other side, when a the wood of a tree is burned, it radiates heat. That means mass is tranfered in energy.

We can take for granted that first mosses and microbes arise out off organic base constructions which continues  to evolve into more  complex creatures. The process how this happens is not known.
Every organic cell contains a DNA-string which determines the properties of the organic beings. DNA is a string, composed of hydogen, oxigen, carbon and nitrogen. Different cells can form an organic complex (being) wich produce offspring. After many generations these beings can evoluate into very complex constructions like the variety of plants and animals as we known now.. 

A lot of laws are involved in every process in the univers. Many laws we don’t know nor understand. Science needs to do a lot of work to solves this mysteries.
What we don’t know:
We have no idea how waves are created in the center of the univers.     We don’t know how energy is transformed into mass.
We don’t know how organic live is created out of the basic elements.
We have no complete idea how DNA is changing and evolution of organic beings take place,

As long as human race exist, men beleive in immaterial transcendent beings which were the source or creators of the universe. Every culture has his own vision and created its own mythology.

Armand Maes