The Universe

13,85 billion years ago, there was nothing. A certain moment waves appeared in the empty space.The source of these waves is unknown. Waves are energy. This energy formed different constructions. Negative constructions, we call electrons, positive constructions, we call protons and neutral constructions, we call neutrons. When 2 protons form a common construction, we become Deuterium. When 3 protons form a common construction, we become Tritium. Deuterium and Tritium react very explosive together. Because there was a huge amount of Deuterium and Tritium in space, an enormous explosion took place. We call it the Big Bang. The Big Bang formed a mass of gaseous balls, we call stars and planets. In this planets, nuclear fusion occurs and new constructions of electrons, protons and nutrons are formed. This are the different elements like Helium, Iron, Cupper aso.

After a long time, planets are cooling down. Once the surface of a planet is under 50° C, formation of organic constructions are possible. Organic constructions are formed with earth, rain, air and warmth of the sun. Once elementary organic cells are formed, they can evoluate after many generations into very complex constructions like fungi, plants and animals.